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SO MUCH of what Jaipur has to offer is an experience and cannot be listed out in any sort of guide. All we can urge you to do is get on the plane and witness the magic and mystery unfold before your very eyes. Be open, smile often and learn a few Hindi words and phrases. It will go a long way. Here are a few places not to miss.


Narain Niwas

One of our favourite heritage hotels. This place fits like a well worn glove. We have spent many a Sunday afternoon on a day off lounging in their gardens with a crispy pakora in hand. A true respite from the chaos of the city.

Bissau Palace Hotel

A charming historic hotel, completely stuck in time. Climb up the winding back stairs and enjoy a cold King Fisher on the rooftop overlooking Amer Fort with kites flying in the sky. This is an amazing place to experience neighbourhood life in Jaipur. Let it all soak in.

The Johri

Blink and you might miss this hidden gem. The much acclaimed Johri, tucked away amidst the insanity of the Johari Bazaar in central Jaipur, is the latest instalment of cool from the masterminds behind the 28 Kothi hospitality group. Pop up at the bar, order a fancy cocktail and take in the hustle and bustle - not to mention the exquisite murals and decor touches.


Kothi 28

No visit to Jaipur is complete without a veg thali dinner under the stars in the charming garden of the Kothi 28 guest house. The team here is so kind and welcoming. Call ahead to arrange.

Curious Life

If you want a good coffee: cold, frothy or black, this is your place. Close to Central Park which allows a sweet end to your morning walk. Nick Drake plays on loop, people come to work, enjoy a great breakfast and just start the day with a big smile.

Jaipur Modern

If you're craving some fresh food Jaipur Modern has you covered. Exquisite western recipes with that essential Asian twist. Great food, great place and their shop is filled with incredible products and garments.

Tapri Central

Such a great place to enjoy various Indian teas and the safest Indian street food you can have. Sit on the terrace, order everything on the menu and sip tea. Not sure what can beat this. This is a must!


Galta Ji Temple

Right outside Jaipur, about 20 minutes on a dirt road, lies the historic Galta Ji monkey temple. It is a privilege to experience people performing their daily pooja, honouring the great Gods and bathing in the waters stemming from the River Ganga. Keep walking to the top of the temple for an amazing view of the entire city. Be sure to pack your pockets filled with bananas because the monkeys will come for you!

Anokhi Museum

A must visit for any block print obsessive. The Anokhi Museum, housed in a breathtaking restored haveli on the edge of Jaipur, is so special. Learn about the natural dyes used in traditional hand block printing in the nearby artisan villages of Bagru and Sanganeer and also see a live printing demonstration. Our favourite part is their collection of vintage 60’s and 70’s pieces showcasing traditional prints. Always a place of endless inspiration for SZ.

Nila House

Another necessary stop on the textile trail. An unbelievably gorgeous and tranquil space dedicated to the preservation of various Rajasthani textile forms. The Nila House also has one of the most extensive libraries dedicated to textile research all over the world. Don’t miss the downstairs exhibition hall.


Victoria and Albert Museum

A quintessential Indian Museum. A beautiful building situated in the heart of Jaipur that houses beautiful pieces of pottery, miniature paintings and an array of quirky objects. We love the dim lighting and visitors roaming around filled with curiosity. It's incredibly inspiring and offers a great break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Central Park

One loop around is your perfect morning walk to get the gears going. Around 7-8am it's BUSY, almost trafficked with people. It's everyones meeting spot for morning meditation, sun salutation, praying or just enjoying the fresh morning air. It's so green, especially post monsoon. Parts of it are wild and there is a serious community of birds, peacocks and squirrels. It's beautifully kept and is surreal that it's situated in the centre of Jaipur.

Bapu Bazaar

We love the hustle and bustle of all the different bazaar neighbourhoods in Jaipur. Head to Bapu Bazaar to pick up all sorts of threads, finishings and trims. So many little stalls to explore and people to meet.