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This past spring, we partnered with the newly founded nonprofit Girls in Motion, to provide sports class uniforms for the young women of the Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh, India benefiting from Girls in Motion.

Our dear friend and photographer Naveli Choyal was with our teams at the first school where the SZ Blockprints x Girls in Motion uniforms were handed out and worn, and was able to capture the magic of the day.

At SZ Blockprints, we know what the power of not only moving your body, but also of colour and wearing colour has on one’s mental wellness. The collaboration seeks to empower young women through sports while celebrating India's rich cultural heritage. We have repurposed our surplus fabrics to create 200 bespoke sports uniforms, symbolising a fusion of tradition, modernity, and purpose. The motivation behind the sports uniform was driven by the belief that it would serve as a shield, allowing the girls to temporarily escape life's challenges and embrace a newfound sense of freedom as they donned the uniform, stepping into their athletic personas.


"Our mission goes beyond physical activity; it's about nurturing self-esteem, fostering teamwork, and unlocking potential. By investing in the holistic development of these girls, we are not just changing lives, but shaping futures."

- Douce de Boisgelin, founder of Girls in Motion

about girls in motion

Girls in Motion is on a mission to foster physical and mental wellness among underprivileged girls in the Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh, India, through sports education. Girls in Motion aims to establish permanent sports facilities and mandate sports classes for girls aged 11-18. The mission began in March 2023 through the building of a permanent Badminton court made using the highest grade PP Tiles for maximum durability. With a student body encompassing 4,000 girls across three schools, the initiative seeks to instil confidence, resilience, and ambition among these young minds.