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SZ Blockprints partners with a multigenerational block printing studio based in Jaipur, to create garments for women and the home. In 2016 founder Sarah Zellweger met Manju Rae, the successor of the famed block print designer and pioneer, Kitty Rae. Together, we work together to upcycle heritage prints, creating vintage inspired, easy silhouettes with refined finishings and craftsmanship. Each season's small batch of styles showcases the beauty and significance of championing one of India's oldest printing techniques.

SZ Blockprints is committed to making a positive impact within the community of artisans we work with, but also across the wider city of Jaipur, and the world. We believe deeply in the power of handmade. A slow production process is central to the brand ethos and spirit we aim to bring into the world.

behind the blocks

hommage to heritage

All of our prints originate from Jaipur’s most important block print designer, Kitty Rae. She is lovingly known in Jaipur as the "Godmother of Block Printing" and is widely acknowledged as the one who elevated the craft and introduced it to the West in the 1960s. Her generosity and passion led to the training and development of many of the global block print brands you know today.

Our vision is to support the continuation and evolution of the artisanal craft of hand block printing, just as Kitty Rae did in the ‘60s. With each collection, we strive to carry forward her legacy of print, process and passion. Kitty made block print a viable and profitable choice of livelihood for artisans. We have continued that today by employing 50 printers, many of whom have worked for our production partners for many decades. Through the blending together of Kitty’s historical designs and our modern colour palette and shapes, we strive to make our customers feel beautiful and connected to the special process of block printing - the integral piece to the heart and soul of SZ Blockprints.

We pay homage to Kitty’s historical designs with a modern colour palette and beautiful shapes, we hope to keep them alive and loved by many generations to come.

our team

We believe it is our responsibility to champion the communities in which we work. We provide long-term employment opportunities to over 120 skilled and dedicated artisans: each member of our team is vital and we take great pride and satisfaction in the role we play in their livelihoods through fair payment and safe working spaces.