What is the inspiration behind Tie Dye Everything? How long have you been creating these beauties? Is there a story?

I started tie dying back in 1987 when I was still married, and after seeing the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan in Eugene, Oregon. Turns out my former husband and I had both been into the Grateful Dead when we were younger (early 70's), but life happened and we forgot. As soon as the music started, something got re-ignited and we were all in. We got Re-Deadicated (like being born again for Dead Heads... lol. We bought some cheap tie dyes for the kids and thus planted the seed for starting to make our own. There is a great video with the whole story in the "about Us" section on my website, www.tyedye-everything.com

Can you tell us a little bit about the tie dye process?

Each garment gets individually handled.  The items first get soaked in a solution that sets the colors properly. Then they get wrung out, folded in the proper patterns, get dye applied to them and then they sit overnight so the dye can be set. Next day they get individually washed and put into our "holding tank/sink" until there is a full load to wash and dry. It's not that complicated but there are a lot of steps involved where all kinds of things can go wrong when you don't pay attention to details. The magic is in the folding and how the colors are applied.  And then the joy is in the next day when we wash and dry our creations to enjoy the result.

Any styling tips for our sock collab?

Sometimes people love to have matching underwear with their socks,  which we sell in Many styles!!

About the bamboo socks, since the fibers are without chemical treatment, they are naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin, making bamboo fabric hypoallergenic. They are noticeably very soft like silk!

Current obsessions this fall - what's keeping you inspired?

I get fully inspired in the fall because I love the change of season when the air is crisp and cool. I make a point to take walks in my two favorite places in our town, one place with big trees and solitude and the other being our local Arboretum, full of specially curated sections from all over the world full of different plants and trees and lots of color. I'm from the east coast originally and miss having the ocean close by so I love my trips to the coast whenever I can manage them. I will travel to California or where ever it might be (if it fits in my schedule) to see live music, especially Dead and Company, the current iteration of the Grateful Dead. I am still fully inspired by the music, the energy of the community of Deadheads and traveling to see them. When I can't travel to see them, I keep myself and my community inspired by the Grateful Dead by hosting a local weekly Grateful Dead show, "Grateful Dead through the decades".  Each week I feature a decade: first week of the month is the 60's, second weeks is the 70's, and so on. I have been involved with this show and playing music on KRFP here in Moscow, Idaho since the radio station began, 15 years ago!

Words to live by

I tell all of my employees when they start working for me, or when I tie dye with students, that tie dye is forgiving... in fact, forgiving is For Giving! I also state my mission statement on the back of my business card: We are inspired by the joy of color as a celebration of life!

Besides that, I've lived by the 4 Agreements, 4 simple truths as explained by Dob Miguel Ruiz. Four simple concepts to guide us: don't take things personally, don't make assumptions, be impeccable with your word and do the best you can. It's simple!

I want to thank the crew at SZ Blockprints for giving us the opportunity to spread the joy of color with these inspired socks to bring a flair to any outfit, any day!


You can shop the collab with Arlene HERE!