• SZatHome with Naomi Annand

    Since retiring as a ballet dancer and hanging up my pointe shoes, I’ve been teaching yoga full-time since 2002. In 2012 I set up my East London yoga studio, Yoga on the Lane. Back then, it was the first of its kind: small, boutique, family-run. Over the years it has become a Hackney institution... View Post
  • The Jaipur Dress

    In Spring, wanderlust takes over all of us. Luckily, SZ Blockprints' iconic Jaipur Dress is back to transport you to India's Pink City!     The Jaipur Dress' flowy, knee length silhouette gives you the freedom to do anything and everything you could possibly think of. The combination of radiant ... View Post
  • SZ Blockprints : Behind the Blocks of Spring 2020

    This winter, SZ Blockprints has been sewing the seeds of the delicate flowers that flourish on your favourite spring and summer styles! Waterlilies, Palladio Garden and Stamp prints, Padra and Nila prints, and the light-hearted Lakshmi print will make you feel as fragrant and fresh as their peta... View Post
  • Behind SZ Blockprints' Waterlily Print

    Waterlilies in bloom! Spot them scattered throughout our collection of Spring styles.      Within Hinduism and Buddhism in India, the Waterlily or Lotus flower bring awakening to the spiritual awakening of life and is associated with the Buddha.      In block printing, the waterlily print would... View Post
  • The Kitty Dress

    Named after Kitty Rae, the founder of our production partners in Jaipur, the Kitty Dress is empowers all who wear it. Kitty Rae is a renegade, fearless, open-hearted and honourable woman, who has spread the craft of hand block printing. The team at KIN & SZ Blockprints honour her legacy by co... View Post
  • A dress for those winter sun seekers...

      Winter sun is what we live for! If you're lucky enough to be heading on a sunny holiday, top up your pattern prescription with  our Silk/cotton Jodhpur Dress in Palladio Garden. The soft pink melts like the Moroccan sunset.     Shop our other 100% cotton Jodhpur Dresses here! View Post
  • Alex's guide to her Sydney

      Sydney is a harbour city and is best enjoyed either with a view of the water, by the water or on the water! While the city itself is quite spread out with a lot of great neighbourhoods, I have a couple of favourite spots by the water - some iconic, and a couple are hidden gems!     ... View Post
  • Joey Wolffer's Guide to Palm Beach

      I've come down to Fl for many years to show horses in Wellington , which is 35 minutes inland from Palm Beach. I opened my second Joey Wolfer shop in The Royal Poinciana Plaza 3 years ago, and just love everything Palm Beach has to offer. Here is my Guide to Palm Beach wearing my favourite SZ ... View Post