• Naomi Annand, yogic and wellness guru, author of Yoga: A Manual for Life

    We had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Naomi Annand, founder of local Hackney yoga studio Yoga On the Lane about her recently launched booked Yoga: A Manual for Life, a culmination of her experience and expanding philosophy from teaching and practicing yoga for twenty years.  Here Naomi'... View Post
  • Sparkle, Sparkle! The Jodphur Dress in Nila Print in Colbalt, Pink and Stem Green

    Introducing the next instalment of our holiday SZ Jodhpur Dresses, shown here in Nila Print in Cobalt & Pink in Silk/ Cotton Blend. When we see this dress, we get fireworks in our eyes!  Pair with black tights and sparkly boots for a wintery, holiday feel. Your New Year's eve recipe is here... View Post
  • Introducing the Jodhpur Dress in Camel & Moss

    Welcome to our world of fall. We are so excited to share with you the newest addition to the SZ family, the Jodphur dress in silk/ cotton, construction by hand from start to finish. The silk/ cotton fabric hails from Varanasi, where the legacy of hand looming and weaving is alive and well. We lov... View Post
  • SZ Foundation Update, Fall 2019

        Matthew, on behalf of the SZ Foundation, visited Helping Hands in late August and we are thrilled to announce such wonderful developments.   Our donations last spring were able to fund the production of new school uniforms for the 400 students of Helping Hands.  Matthew was thrilled to se... View Post
  • Cooking with Meera Sodha

    We've been massive fans of Meera and adore her famed cookbooks centred upon veg Indian cooking with a twist. She showed us how to make her delicious Pudla with Rainbow Chard and Peas. Brings us right back to Manju's kitchen! Achchha hai!     PUDLA WITH RAINBOW CHARD AND PEAS   Makes 4 small pudl... View Post
  • Charlotte, Honey Maker Loves SZ

      Who are you: I am Charlotte (also known by friends as bees lol) and I work at Phillips auction house. I also moonlight as an occasional beekeeper and honey seller.   Where is home: Home is Hackney, London, where I pootle around slinging my honey and walking my doggo.     Tell us a little bit a... View Post
  • Ella Rose Phillips on her 5 things for Summer getaway

    We asked Ella Rose Phillips of Harper's Bazaar what she's packing in her summer weekend getaways. Here is her top 5:   An Eres one- piece swimsuit – the chicest swimsuits on earth. Pricey, but worth every penny.     Dr Barbara Sturm SPF50 Sun Drops – I have extremely fair skin and this is ... View Post
  • Jenna Levine Embodies #SZBSunshine

    Describe your perfect summer getaway weekend? Where are you going and whose coming!    Almost every summer weekend we escape New York to sail our boat on the Long Island sound. We love bringing along as many friends as will fit. We boat out to an island, drop anchor, make a cocktail and fire... View Post