SZ Family

Our head washer, Ameer Ji, who oversees softening and washing of all fabric.


Yashoda, who handles all of our pressing and ironing . A constant source of warmth and zest.

Zeitoun (right) is a house hold fixture and an integral part of the SZ Blockprints community. She is a jack of all trades around the printing facility helping out however she can. She is always keen to sneak a cheeky beedi!


This is Manju, my partner in SZ Blockprints, spiritual guide, fearless and endless inspiration. She has run the family business taking over from her sister in law Kitty when she became ill for years. Kitty is know as the mother of blockprint in Jaipur and we have revived many of her original designs bringing them back to life. 


This is our production workshop, a little slice of heaven, shown here in the melting Jaipur dusk. (left)

Drying freshly washed fabric on the roof top. (right)

 Nankishor Ji, whose been printing with us for 35 years. We collaborate on colour matchings and prints- I completely trust his eye and his skill and precision is indelible.

Sufi Ji, a master printer, with a massive heart.


Girish Ji (left), one of our master printers, printing for 30 years.

Abhishek, 'Abhi' (right) is our export manager, computer whiz and man on the ground.

All of our tassels are hand made by a women run tassel business in Jaipur. Here is Urmilla, who started the business ten years ago! Women come pick up a pile of garments to attach tassels to in the morning and either bring them home to complete the work or come together and create tassels together, gossip and laugh. Each tassel is lovingly hand made and the detail is so special.