Aaron Dickson Millhiser

“Aaron, for many years, has been a north star in the bedazzled sky of SZ Blockprints - supporting, encouraging and fostering our growth and the emphasis on hand-made/ slow style. With the approaching birth of my second child, I had full confidence in taking a softened role in the creative process of Resort and Spring Summer 23 planning. Aaron led us into her world of cool and this is what grew.” - Sarah, SZ Founder

  • In the Studio

  • SZ Blockprints signature Kitty Dress

"Each season we pull inspiration from the world around us - imaged and physical. Personal style holds a huge significance for how you move through the world and the people and places woven within. Something about Aaron’s unique style has inspired me for years. Her mixture of classic East Coast prep meets downtown cool meets surf safari is her defining vibe. She is a dear friend and fewer pleasures are grander then sharing a beer and laugh together. " - Sarah

A New York City local and Nantucket Island native, Aaron Dickson Millhiser has spent the past two decades collaborating with some of the biggest names in fashion.  Most notably she held a variety of leadership roles at J. Crew including Womens Director, Director of Special Projects, Mens Head of Design and Crewcuts Head of Design. With a desire to partner more meaningfully with brands she loves, Aaron founded Double ADM, a full service consultancy.

Slow down with Aaron