Yukari of Ron Herman LOVES SZ!

Meet Yukari, head buyer at Ron Herman Japan!
Where do you live? What is home like? What is your neighbourhood like?
I live in Tokyo.  My home is located in the centre of the city, but we are close to a big park and the Meiji shrine where I can be nature.
Top 5 favourite spots in Toyko:
1. Ron Herman (our store of course!)
2. Meiji Shrine
3. Shinjuku Gyo-en
4. Tas Yard (a cafe in my neighbourhood)
5. Tokyo Tower
What is your beauty routine? What do you do for your health and wellbeing? 
I prefer to eat organic and fresh seasonal food. I go to bed early and get up early.  I smile a lot and I walk a lot. For my wellbeing, I think the most important thing is to be healthy mentally and physically.
What is your job and what is the best part about it?
I am a director at Ron Herman Japan, which is a specialty store. My favourite part is that I meet charming people who have done amazing things in the world. I also feel connected to many people in the store through smiles!
What are your fashion must haves right now?
SZ Blockprints Caftan dresses!!
What inspires you on a daily basis?
Many things - colours in nature I pass by, a simple conversation, my family, novels, friends, photos - just to name a few.
What interested you about SZ Blockprints? What is your favourite part of the brand?
I was hooked on your original colourways, I feel they have a happy power. And I came to like it more when I learned the brand history and met Sarah, the designer.  It's a very special brand which gives us the power of cheerful and positive thinking. 
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