"I love the straight look, straight and long. And if there are stripes even better." - Manju

Your signature print? Your stripes. I love the stripes.

Favourite motif captured in textile? So many, don’t know what to choose! All my life I’ve dabbled in prints. Mughal Bootas  - like you’re Aneeeza print.

A memory of a print? As a child I loved birds; parrots, elephants. Little bird prints I love.

If you could only wear one print for the rest of your life? Checks, stripes. I would love the gingham.

Colour: I love whites! Whites and off-whites.

Fabric for day: Cottons always.

Fabric for night: Silks.

Stripes or plaid: Stripes.

Socks: Cashmere.

Everyday shoe: Birkenstocks, in all shades.

Winter look: SZ Jackets - the Manju Jacket!

Most worn SZ piece: The Isle Frock, what I'm wearing now.

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