"I am a big fan of Disco Pants and I have several of them, but I still can't forget the first pair of blue checkered ones I ever wore!"

Desert island print? I am a big fan of Disco pants and I have several of them, but I still can't forget the first pair of blue checkered ones I ever wore!

A memory of a print? I spent my kindergarten years in Australia, and I loved the sheets I used for naps because they were white with cute kangaroos on them. Also, my mother loved to sew, so she bought Liberty-patterned fabric and made me headband and chou chou shirts. Even now, when I see Liberty‘s floral patterns, I remember my childhood!

Favourite motif captured in textile? I love and will always love very rustic and simple stripes and plaids. Flowers, animals, clouds, stars, and other motifs also make me smile when I see them.

If you could only wear one print for the rest of your life? Hard to answer. Maybe Furisode ( long sleeve kimino) which was inherited from my mother. It is a combination of classical patterns, each with its own meaning. One of my favorite print was “The blue ocean wave” that reminds us of the bounty of the wide ocean, and the pattern of endless waves is a symbol of good luck with a wish for eternal happiness and a peaceful life.

Colour: Beige, White, Mint, Yellow, Power Blue, Baby Pink, Lavender, Red

Fabric for day: Cotton, linen or wool. Any natural fabric!

Fabric for night: Also Cotton.

Stripes or plaid: Stripe!

Socks: Tabio

Denim: Levis vintage blue denim

Day bag: Carolina Santo Domingo and SZ big tote for supermarket!

Evening bag: Anya Hindmarch clutch bag

Sneaker: New Balance or Salmon 

Boot: Alaia

Sandal: Canfora, a classic Capri sandal

Most worn SZ piece: Disco pants or quilt jacket!! I can’t choose one.

An unexpected way you style SZ: When I was pregnant, I had a lot of fun wearing many tunics and dresses.

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