• Helping Hands x SZ Blockprints, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!

    SZF has given Helping Hands a funding grant to support the year long training of three women from the slum who are part of the helping hands community- Nettu, Gauri and Deepa. View Post

     The SZ Blockprints team are examining what it means to be a sustainable company and are committed to making a positive impact both inside the community of artisans they work with in Jaipur but also across the wider city. SZ Blockprints is the culmination of Sarah’s passions in life and the bran... View Post
  • SZ Foundation

    SZ Blockprints is committed to giving back to the local community in Jaipur where our beautiful pieces are lovingly crafted. Your purchases will support initiatives chosen by the SZ team to educate and empower girls and women in India. View Post