Tracy G on November, in 6 Easy Questions

 Tracy G, my forever SZ muse on fall style transitions and what's inspiring her. 

1. Who are you? Tracy Georgiou 😊 also known as TG. I’m the marketing & merchandising director at Loeffler Randall, and a dance + musical theater aficionado (and participant!)

2. What inspires you? Theatre, art, film, fashion, and everything around me! Living in New York it’s a daily dose of inspiration.

3. Dream winter sun holiday? Anywhere warm! I’d love to go back to Jamaica <3

4. What are you reading/doing/seeing this fall? I just saw The Wrong Man and am very excited for the West Side Story revival on Broadway, I also love to check out Shrine gallery & Enorme for inspiring art discoveries.

5. Favourite SZ Blockprints piece? My Kitty dress, she has been around the world with me!

6. Favorite fall piece of style advice? Layer!!!!! I keep my summer pieces in rotation with a lot of heat tech underneath – it helps to not just be limited to jumpers & trousers!