Time for an SZ Stay-cation!

For the days spent lounging in the park, or sprawled out in the back garden by the pool, hiking up a cliff or jumping in the waves - add a dose of block printed daydreams. Here is a selection of European cities that cannot go unvisited without a dash of SZ magic!



After a long day on the rocky beaches of Hydra, slip into your favourite SZ Isle Frock and head to the Xeri Elia Douskos tavern for an authentic dinner. The speciality? Grilled fish of course!  In the summer, the tables are set outside under the trees and it is not uncommon for musicians to play traditional tunes from the Greek repertoire. 



The Abbey of Sénanque in the Luberon. Surrounded by fields of lavender, it is the monks themselves who harvest it to sell it afterwards and provide for the needs of the abbey. A visit to the abbey and the village of Gordes is also really worthwhile. As the abbey is still in use, you will be asked to come with your shoulders and knees covered which isn't a problem with your SZ Jodhpur!



Take the time to get lost in Lanzarote on a road trip through the villages: Tinajo, Orzola, la Gueria, Yaiza... The roads are just as spectacular as the cities! Lanzarote deserves to take the time to drive, get lost, explore, visit, and above all take the time to sip a glass of volcanic wine in your Kath Dress!



Transparent blue sea, dizzying cliffs, white sandy beaches to go with your SZ Tier Dress!  Located on the port, don't miss Oresteria By Ponza Fish! At the end of the day, visitors are seated around high wooden tables in front of the boats, where they can savour a menu that is renewed every week : octopus salad, marinated prawns, fish with lemon, spaghetti alle vongole...