The SZ Summer Suitcase; Michelle Norris

The first in our Summer Suitcase series - Michelle Norris on her Summer adventures, and how she'll be wearing her pattern prescription this season. 


Where are you heading to this summer? It's technically late Spring but we're going to Egypt to explore for a few weeks! We're also planning on spending time with family in North Carolina and friends in New York City


What SZ style are you planning on packing? The Gaia Dress and my Oversized Totes.



Beach bag must haves? Sunscreen,Vogue Magazine, big sun hat, playing cards, and a sparkly beverage


What’s been inspiring or entertaining you this season? Flowers! Always blown away by their intricate beauty


How do you style your SZ for summer days? With a strappy sandal and big earrings, also a fun head accessory never hurt anyone.


Follow along on Michelle's Summer adventures here.
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