The Bright & Beautiful Michelle Norris of Tropico Photo

For our latest Winter Drop, we sent off our Field and Quilted Jackets to Michelle, who styled them up her way. Layering on the prints and colour, this dose of block print is just what the doctor ordered!


Tell us about yourself! Where do you call home? What keeps you busy during the day?

I'm a photographer, art director, influencer, and general fashion-woman about town in Atlanta, Georgia. My days are constantly changing but usually I'm taking walks, emailing, sketching out ideas, setting up photos at home, around the city, and in the studio. One of my favorite things about what I do is the unpredictable nature so everyday feels fresh and new. I'm always balancing work that I make with my husband at Tropico Photo which is our creative advertising studio and more fashion-centered work that I make for my Instagram.


What is your beauty routine? What do you do for your health and wellbeing?

I try to drink a lot of water. I love exercising and what it does for my physical and mental health. My favorites are running, yoga, and HIIT. I love trying new skincare and have become an avid user of serums and masks in the past year. Recently I've been trying to reduce my stress-levels in general by taking time away from social media and news to legitimately relax instead of just convincing myself that scrolling is relaxing.


Where do you find your inspiration?

For a long time it was visiting art galleries and traveling, but those things haven't been as present for me since the pandemic. I do love Instagram to stay up to date with what artists that I admire are making and seeing interesting destinations albeit digitally.  Also Sunny weather in general really makes me feel like creating joyful things and capturing the feeling that the sun brings.


Favourite SZ style?

It's hard to choose between the oversized tote and the disco pants. I take my tote everywhere and I love the way it looks and the practicality for things like picnics or a full day of activities! The pants are just the perfect flattering fit that I feel like I can pair with anything I have.


Follow Michelle on instagram here, and Tropico Photo here


PS - Michelle has also styled up 2 new jumpsuits for Spring! Sign up to be the first to shop. 

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