The Bagru Print

The Bagru Print is one of SZ most iconic prints. How beautiful are these freshly printed Bagrus on the printing table!



Bagru is a small town located in northwest India. It has a large influence on the art of Indian block printing. Only a short drive from Jaipur, it has been the home of the "Chippas", from the Guarjeratis meaning to print, one of the most important communities of dyers and printers. Most Cchipas pass on their artisanal skills and knowledge from one generation to another.



This print was first designed in the late 18th century. This version of the traditional Bagru print gives it a modern twist! If you look closely, the flowers in the center of each pattern looks like a simplified variation of the Mugal flower seen through a Jharoka.



A Jharoka was a type of balcony that was mostly built in the women's quarters in Rajasthan palaces. They allowed women to look outside without being seen.



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