SZatHome with Rosie Ramsden


My name is Rosie Ramsden. I’m a food stylist, cookery writer and author of The Recipe Wheel (Ebury, 2014), and host of life drawing supper club, Charcoal (@charcoalartclub). I live in Hackney, London with my husband and two kids. It’s a chaotic, untidy and colourful life at number 53.




I miss cookbook shoots and Charcoal (@charcoalartclub). Home-time has been fruitful though. I get my paints out whenever possible; a splash of watercolor here and there, painting a wall with Bauwerk, or hiding away to mix some oils for a canvas goes a long way to making me a happier person. It’s as messy and creative as cooking, but with usually less washing up. 



The kitchen is where we revolve, it’s our clock, we live by mealtimes and, in normal circumstances, our kitchen table is always where we congregate with friends. I’m grateful to say James and I are sharing the cooking. Always a loaf of bread on the go, pot after pot of coffee, picnics where possible and new recipes to test. And in the bits between breakfast, lunch and dinner, plenty of painting and trying our hardest to pretend we don’t care when the kids trash the house again. 




I’m listening to Laura Marling’s new album - Song For Our Daughter. I don’t know the words yet but it doesn’t stop me howling out the tune at top volume. We have Friday Night Disco with a beer and a little Diana Ross before the kids go to bed. I’m impressed and in awe of my little girl’s moves. I like to take credit but it’s all her. 



Books are getting read, too. It’s a chapter a night which is more than I’ve been able to do for a long time. Just battled my way through “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt and I’m now on to Evie Wyld’s, “The Bass Rock”. Next up will be Rachel Cusk’s “Outline” which has sat on my bedside table for too long now.



My friend and photographer Issy Croker has just brought out an e-cookbook in aid of charity Chefs in Schools (they are providing free school meals to eligible pupils who are now at home and we’re helping schools feed the children of key workers). Issy shot and styled it in 2 weeks, recipes contributed by 30 amazing cooks. You’ll find my brown sugar meringues in there which I often dish up at Charcoal. Yet another amazing creation to donate to in lockdown!


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