SZatHome with Amanda Larson

I am a financial investigator and holistic nutritionist and here are my #SZatHome recommendations and tips! 



Morning Ritual

I found that I was drinking way too much coffee when quarantine started in order to stay on top of work, while also helping my husband care for our 14-month-old daughter. I was feeling extra jittery and heart-pounding (which we definitely do not need more of during a global pandemic), so I switched back to my trusty friend, the matcha latte (recipe below). This warm drink in the morning has great fats in it to help with brain function and satiety, collagen to help skin/hair and joint health and also doesn't lead me to crash an hour later:



– 1 - 1.5 teaspoon matcha (depending on how strong you like it)

– Hot water filled up 3/4, then the rest with favorite milk (I prefer Oat milk or hemp milk)

– 1 tablespoon coconut butter (If I don't have coconut butter, I often add ghee - kind of like a bulletpoof coffee in matcha form)

– 2 scoops collagen powder

– you can also add 1/4 tsp of your fave adaptogen or ground up mushroom (reishi, lions mane, etc) for an added boost to immunity, mental clarity, energy, etc.



1. Add a bit of hot water to mug with the matcha and whisk until well combined

2. Add all ingredients to blender and blend till frothy. 

3. Pour back into mug and enjoy!



Movement (of any kind)

During this heightened time of anxiety, where I have felt I am just trying to make it to the appropriate time to start drinking, I have recently opted to get outside around cocktail hour. Getting outside on a walk with my daughter has been uplifting for my spirit and has added special bonding time for just us. My work is very computer focused and increasingly full on right now so I have to make that time to step away from my desk and have a moment to myself or with my daughter. This is an immediate mood boost for me, especially now that the weather is warming up. I also try to add in some pilates/yoga movement when I can - Melissa Wood Health is a great resource because you can do her exercises anywhere, with no props and they are quick and effective. 



Recipes: I, like many, have fallen victim to panic baking during quarantine (stocking up on flour and yeast whenever i can get my hands on it). Now that we are more settled into this new way of life, I have tried to make more supportive choices for myself when it comes to baking.  Rachel Mansfield has so many amazing recipes on her blog for gluten free/paleo/vegan baking alternatives that are super easy to follow and require ingredients you most likely have in your home. Her doughy vegan chocolate chip cookies got me through early days of motherhood and provide you with a sweet treat that everyone craves right now without processed ingredients or things you can't pronounce. 



Supportive habits

  • DRINK MORE H2O (even if you think you drink enough): I am constantly trying to trick myself into drinking more water (I go in just doesn't come naturally to me!). I engaged in a water challenge with friends that really amped up my water intake, which is so important at all times in every way (especially for digestion) but even more so during times of high stress, where you might be forgetting to take care of yourself or sitting for too long (which can slow digestion). Even a small thing as buying a new water bottle may make you more excited/make it easier to achieve your hydration goals - aim for at least half your body weight in ounces. 
  • Supplements: I am still breastfeeding so I take all my prenatal vitamins still, but also add in mushrooms, vitamin D, Ester C, and probiotics to kick my immunity into full gear during this time. It sounds like a lot to take each day, but if you keep it in the same place and just make it part of your routine (e.g. after you brush your teeth), then it will become like second nature. 


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