SZ Foundation Update, Fall 2019



Matthew, on behalf of the SZ Foundation, visited Helping Hands in late August and we are thrilled to announce such wonderful developments.


Our donations last spring were able to fund the production of new school uniforms for the 400 students of Helping Hands.  Matthew was thrilled to see the pieces- sweaters, button down shirts, trousers/ skirts and backpacks for each student!


Our three SZ sponsored trainees, Deepa, Gauri and Neetu are progressing well in their sewing and production course. All three women are now marked as competent in construction skills such as button hole work, hand stitching, checking and cutting threads and ironing/ pressing. Currently they are training in machine stitching and hemming. Once these skills are achieved, they will go onto pattern marking and cutting. All three trainees are helping to make the school uniforms for the students at Helping Hands, and some pieces in the export work from Helping hand’s vocational training unit. The vocational training unit at Helping Hands draws from members of the parent body of their students, and is a place where women can come for skills training and paid work. 


Furthermore, the overall quality of the education available for the student’s at Helping Hands continues to improve. The teaching staff continues to grow and 100% of Helping Hands teachers now are qualified with teaching qualifications and diplomas. For the first time last year the 5th grade students of Helping Hands sat their grade 5 examinations to encouraging results. Out of the 27 students who took the exam, 15 children achieved a 60% mark, 6 children received 75%, 5 children received 90% and one child scored a 95%. These results are incredibly inspiring and encouraging that the overall level of education being offered at Helping Hands is improving consistently. 



SZ looks forward to our continued partnership with Helping Hands and in supporting the organizations growth and development of programming to come.