SZ Blockprints : Behind the Blocks of Spring 2020

This winter, SZ Blockprints has been sewing the seeds of the delicate flowers that flourish on your favourite spring and summer styles! Waterlilies, Palladio Garden and Stamp prints, Padra and Nila prints, and the light-hearted Lakshmi print will make you feel as fragrant and fresh as their petals! 


Our signature Padra print, traditionally called "Bahar." Which in Hindi means Spring. 


Our process is very much a collaboration. Each pattern has its own story and history. For this, we have collected memories and stories behind our loved prints for you to read about! We care deeply about the heritage of the prints we use and hope our collective work means they are enjoyed by a new generation.



The block printing process is 100 percent completed by hand. First, the print is lovingly carved into a block of wood over many hours by a master craftsman. When multiple colours are used, there will be four or more variations of the same hand-carved mould. For example, this season's four colour Pineapple Print, is divided into four separate blocks.



To read more about the story Behind the Blocks of SZ Blockprints click here.