Stella, of SZ Blockprints', Guide to her Paris


I was raised in Paris and have spent most of my days wandering aimlessly through the cobbled streets of Saint Germain des Prés where my grandparents live. Here is my guide to a day in one of my favorite arrondissements of Paris with my little sister Olivia, decked out in our SZ Blockprints.



At the exit of Saint Germain des Pres métro, it is absolutely vital that you get a crêpe. Do not get frightened if you see a queue, each crêpe is freshly made, and as a Parisian, I can confirm that they are unbeatable. I usually take my crêpe and walk (as fast as I can) to the Eugene Delacroix Museum's hidden garden, a hidden gem where you will feel like a local. On the way there make sure to admire the picturesque Rue Furstenberg from where you can smell the sweet scent of Flamant's flower shop.



The Parisian way to get around town is to "flâner", walk aimlessly through the narrow crowded streets. Make sure to not miss Rue de Buci where you will find the Parisians laughing and drinking their "doubles cafés". My favorite café is the Maison Sauvage that has a spectacular arrangement of flowers. What is absolutely great about it is that it is always alive, whether you go for an early croissant, a healthy brunch, or a late glass of Bordeaux.




Here are my absolute favorite shops in Saint Germain des Pres:

Fragonard - Not far from the famous Cafe Flore and Les Deux Magots, Fragonard perfumery not only has delicious perfumes and candles but also a beautiful collection of embroidered bags and pouches, homeware and so much more!  

Taschen and La Hûne - Flip through the pages of a large variety of dreamy books. 

Bensimon - Very French fashion! 

Biba - A bohemian, family-owned and very well-curated collection of garments.

Atelier 55 - My favorite art gallery in the 6th arrondissement!



Now that you have had a taste of the french way of shopping and exploring, let's eat some more!



Blueberry - If you are a sushi lover, your taste buds will be left in amazement by the exotic taste of their menu. 

Cosi - I will never eat a sandwich unless it's from Cosi. You might end up going there three times a day! 

Fish La Boissonerie - On the opposite side of Cosi, you can enjoy a freshly cooked fish from the local market (you will also be given a basket of that delicious Cosi bread).  

L'Entrecôte - You might want to get there early... Probably one of the oldest institutions in Paris. Here you will eat steak and fries served with a secret green sauce that still today no one has discovered. 



To digest your meal, let's cross le Pont des Arts, a bridge that has collapsed more than once because of the thousands of love locks attached to its sides. Then, zig-zag your way through the statues of the Jardins des Tuilleries to The Musée des Arts Décoratifs and see what's on! Luckily for me, I was able to see a brilliant exhibition of the Avantgardist Maharaja of Indore (all dressed up in my Jaipur printed SZ dress!)



After a full day of exploring Saint Germain des Pres' C'est fini! Our SZ Totes, stomachs, and eyes filled with Paris.