The Glowing Shiloh on her SZ Fall Favourites

Meet Shiloh (@shorttecake) - hailing from Texas, an SZ Blockprints fan and sharing her version of motherhood. 


Tell us about yourself! Where do you call home? What keeps you busy during the day?

Hey Y'all, I'm Shiloh - a wife, mom, homemaker and writer. I absolutely love baking and all things sweets. I'm a Texas gal. My babies definitely keep me busy during the day. No two days are the same with them. 

What's your beauty routine? What do you do for your health and wellness?

My beauty routine is quite minimal. I do skincare everyday, but only wear make up when I'm feeling fancy. Especially with the melting Texas heat. 

I also do consistent workouts throughout the week. It helps my body look and feel better. 

Another part of me wellness routine is therapy. I go a few time a month to keep my mind  in good condition. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration mostly in my home and nature. There is so much beauty in things my family has taught me. Also in the way the flowers bloom. The way the bees work together. I believe everything has a purpose, and that gives me inspiration.

Favourite SZ style?

My favorite SZ style is definitely the Jodhpur Dress. This Padra Print is beautiful and unique. I also love the colors. Pink is my favorite and tellow is my happy color. 

What are you looking forward to in the fall months?

I'm looking forward to Fall baking. The chilly weather and cozy aroma of cinnamon. I love going to the pumpkin patch with my family. I love how the season reminds everyone to rest and take in the beauty around us. 


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