Samia Tafukt x SZ Blockprints in Majestic Disorder

Name: Samia Tafukt (which means the sun in my native language). I'm a southern Moroccan, from Taghazout village.


I work as a part-time photography model and spend the rest of my time crafting.



What inspires you in life?
Crafting for sure! The meditation, the little time and effort it takes to make something beautiful out of just thread and beads, fabric and scissors. Music, playing ukulele, jamming. Photography, capturing forever lasting moments.



Who inspires you? 
There isn't a specific single person inspiring me, its mostly all of the people taking part in my journey, feeding me with knowledge and growth.


My partner sharing this life journey with me as long as teaching me how to play instruments, languages.


Friends embracing who they are, the stories they carry with them.


Strong women shattering beauty stereotypes, people believing in what they make, leaving a print wherever they go, the ones who's here to stay and make an impact, a little change in order to better this world.


Majestic disorder has always been one of my favorite magazines for its uniqueness and creativity, being part of the 11th issue was such a dream come true! Gained lifetime friends out of that experience.


The SZ Blockprints were such unique pieces, the eye catching hot pink outfit, we shot on a beautiful sunny morning in the streets of Essaouira, the blue stripes dress, figure complementing. We shot on the old alleys of Essaouira, reminding me of summer and sweet holidays. This dress is my favorite piece since it's a piece I would definitely include in my wardrobe as the dress lover I am.



Words to live by?
Perspective shapes reality.


The fact that our realities depend on the way we see things, as they are, the fact that manifesting only the good gets you the good.


That good and bad are both part of the same spectrum and if you decide you want to be happy, you'll instantly be.


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