Rosie of Charcoal Art Club Loves SZ

NAME:  Rosie Ramsden 


OCCUPATION: Food stylist and cookery writer, and founder of Charcoal Art Club



WHERE IS HOME: Homerton, Hackney. We've lived here for 5 years and had both of our babies here. 


WHAT INSPIRES YOU EVERY DAY: My little garden - at the moment I have tulips growing. I'm a novice but it it excited me to see little shoots pop up. Also the people I work with. They are a wonderful mix of photographers, prop stylists and food writers. They all have such a good eye for style. 



ANY RECENT LONDON DISCOVERIES TO SHARE:  Not recent, but I can't be without a breakfast at TowPath Cafe in the summer, or lunch at Rochelle Canteen


DREAM VACATION: A farmhouse in Italy shared with friends and family - pool, pasta and good wine. 


FAVOURITE SZ BLOCKPRINTS PIECE AND WHY: I adore my Long Kitty Dress - it's heavy and chic and so fun to wear. Also the headscarves. Never without one of those. 


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