Katie of Swellife: Introducing SZ LOVES collaborator

What is the inspiration behind your jewelry line? How long have you been creating these beauties, is there a story?
The Swellife jewelry started as a therapeutic hobby that quickly did very well with my Swellife customers!  I continue being inspired by color and texture, I’m always looking to bring in new bead materials and am always trying different techniques.  I love thinking of different ways to elevate my designs and am always teaching myself new techniques.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you source your vintage beads and any history there?
Sadly nothing too exciting.  I find them on Etsy, I have a few go to Etsy vintage dealers I love and trust their quality.

Styling tips for the jewelry line?
LAYER!  I love layering jewelry and design most of pieces to do so!  Layering colors with different metal materials, playing with length, thickness, etc etc.  I try to design my pieces with a lot of color while maintaining an elevated color palette.
Current obsessions this fall- can be beauty, something you are reading/ listening to, anything keeping you inspired!
Honestly I am constantly inspired by my strong female friends.  Women who juggle family life, careers, their own mental health, physical health and that of their families.  As well as my bad ass single friends who are killing it in their careers and building their own personal empires.  Designing, I of course look at art books, go to museums and think of color theory, but when it comes down to it, I am inspired a lot by my friends.  What do they want to wear and never take off?  What will they want to wear this summer, fall, winter, spring?  What colors make them feel sexy, fun, cool, chic?  My relationships with friends are all so important to me, they keep me going through the hard times and party with me during the good!!

Words to live by
“Work on your weakness until it becomes your strength”
-Robin Arzon
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