Jenny of IXV Coffee Loves SZ

Name: Jenny Cooper


Home: Brooklyn NY



What are you currently working on / what's inspiring you: Putting a coffee shop in my garage constructed almost entirely of reclaimed and re-purposed materials.


How would you sum up your personal style? Hmmm a girly grandpa with a helping of Blockprints on the side.


Favourite SZ Blockprints piece and why? Green pineapple dress from last year.  I met a stranger wearing it, who posted a pic of us on instagram and it turned out she was friends with a friend. And I have pineapple earrings to match.



Describe your perfect summer getaway weekend. Where are you going and whose coming? The Connecticut shore, house on a hill over the beach with a wraparound porch and my children.


What are you packing/ reading/ eating/ experiencing? Doing nothing, wearing my SZ pineapple dress, printed pjs and my Loup Charmant cotton gauze beach dress, reading all the books Walker read in English this year, AND Elizabeth Warren’s plans to fix us.  Grilling vegetables from White Gate Farm and tricking my kids into eating Northstar beet burgers.  With a homemade blueberry giant popover and a rhubarb mezcal jalapeño spritz. Drifting out to sea in a leaky rowboat named Dreadful IV with a sandwich and a beer….


Summer beauty essentialsL Eir Surf Mud spf 15 oil, Mychelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream, my stash of luminizers that I need to finish before I buy ANY MORE makeup. And a little eye glitter from Space Vivian.


What does summer mean to you? Feet up, slow down, stop rushing around like a headless chicken! A hammock if I can get it before everyone else!


Follow along as Jenny creates a zero waste espresso bar!