Jenna Levine Embodies #SZBSunshine

Describe your perfect summer getaway weekend? Where are you going and whose coming! 


Almost every summer weekend we escape New York to sail our boat on the Long Island sound. We love bringing along as many friends as will fit. We boat out to an island, drop anchor, make a cocktail and fire up the little on-board grill. We usually have a savoury watermelon salad and crunchy raw veggies to accompany hot food. Before and after lunch we dive off the boat and swim. I always wear my SZ Kitty Dress as a cover up. Its perfectly light weight, protects me from the sun and dries in an instant if it gets wet. 
Summer beauty essentials and routine - beauty and fitness!


In the summer I do the majority of my exercise outside: swimming, hiking, biking and long walks with the pup. At least once a week though I like to take a yoga or pilates for increased flexibility, alignment and strength. As per my beauty routine, I make sure to drink lots of water and eat nutrient dense seasonal produce (including leafy greens, cool crunchy veggies, deeply-pigmented fruits, and lots of herbs). I dry brush my skin before every shower to promote lymphatic drainage and remove dead skin. And of course, I use LINNÉ twice a day. RENEW and REPAIR keep my skin hydrated, moisturised and protected from free radical damage. I also use PURIFY every night to remove any sunscreen and environmental pollutants. At least once a week, I'll exfoliate with SCRUB - I usually reserve this for a night during the week when I don't anticipate lots of time in the sun the following day. Finally when its hot hot hot, I love to REFRESH myself with our mineral mist. 
What does summer mean to you?


Long days outside in nature and easy breezy outfits that keep me cool and chic in the heat.


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