Here Kitty Kitty!

Blockprinting has long been a tradition in Jaipur, with the ‘chippas’ continuing to work day after day stamping lengths of cotton fabric with color using hand-carved wood blocks.

Our Kitty pieces are named after the eponymous textile designer, Kitty Rae who revolutionized blockprint in the 60's in Jaipur. It was her generosity and vision that trained many of the big names in blockprint. We have meticulously upcycled many of her designs in a nod to continuing her craft and spirit. She was fiercely independent, vivacious and filled with life; a real renegade and we constantly pull inspiration from her as we build SZ Blockprints.

Kitty has our hearts and continuing her legacy is incredibly important for us.

The Kitty dress is inspired by a vintage piece, and we have made few adjustments - the lightweight Indian cotton fabric we have used breaths and wears so well. Style it up or down throughout your summer for the street, beach and beyond!