Becky of Becky McDermott Interiors & Weddings Loves SZ

One of our favourite interior gurus, Becky McDermott, shares her decorating tips, and of course, why she loves SZ!

Where is home?

Greenwich, CT in a 1930's Gardner's cottage. We rent it, but care for it like we own it. And anywhere Tom and the family is!

In 3 words, describe your personal style:

Tailored, timeless, and playful!



Every room should have ... Something black.

Decorating tips to live by ... My favorite color is white! The dimmer switch is essential. "If it Pleases the Eye" (hopefully a book one day) are my own words to live by!

My dream vacation is ... and I will be packing ... our annual trip to Harbour Island (20 years this year) and seriously, I pack mainly lightweight long dresses and pants. This trip has an SZ long dress, SZ sarong in the Palladio Print (my favorite) and super chic wide leg, lightweight, cotton palazzo pants in pink with a chic cobalt block print allover pattern - which I'll wear with a cotton shirt tied at the waist...and some great earrings and sandals.

Luckily, all of my years at Town & Country magazine allowed me to travel the world and do stories in the most exotic places. But, my lifelong dream has been to go to a few Greek Islands, and Sarah and Tom will be our tour guides as they know the islands so well!



I love SZ Blockprints because... They are lightweight, fun, and it is really, really SPECIAL when you know the designer and owner! Our whole family has been HUGE fans and supports watching Sarah fulfill her dream and growing her business. 
I am planning a party with all SZ tablecloths (sarongs) and some fun SZ napkins... and some weddings down the line as well!


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