Southern Belle Alice Kerley Loves SZ

Tell us about yourself! Where do you call home? What keeps you bust during the day?
I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After college, my husband and I lived in Houston, Texas for almost a decade. The Lone Star State left an imprint not only on me as a person but on my style as well. I’m now back home planting roots with my little family in Memphis but still wearing my beloved Texas cowboy boots & whipping up Tex Mex recipes as often as I can.
My two little ones are keeping me very busy at the moment but whenever I have time to myself, I dive deep into creating fashionable content for my blog, Lone Star Looking Glass. Putting together looks to share & shooting them in picturesque places is the MOST fun. Sometimes I just want to pinch myself that I get to share this hobby of mine with so many people!
When I’m not adventuring with the kiddos or blogging, I enjoy reading (I try to squeeze in 2-3 new books a month) traveling someplace new or spending time outdoors (specifically camping) with my little family. 
What’s your beauty routine? What do you do for your health and wellness?
I’ve never been able to stick to one specific routine as I seem to always be trying something new, traveling someplace new and I feel like every day is different from the next in my world. To keep myself active, I aim to walk with my jogging stroller through our neighborhood a few times a week. We live in a historic district with the most beautiful homes and going on a stroll here can sometimes feel like flipping through the pages of an architectural magazine. It makes getting out the door for a long walk all the more enticing! 
My beauty routine is pretty simple. I start the day with SPF and moisturizer and depending what I’m up to I’ll put on a full face of make up or just a dash of concealer, blush & mascara. Most of the time it’s the latter. 
A couple of times a week I enjoy relaxing with a face mask and a deliciously good book after the kids have gone to bed!
Where do you find inspiration?
Like many, I find inspiration from other style bloggers on social media and Pinterest. It is amazing through these platforms we get to see what the rest of the “world” is wearing on a day-to-day basis!
Offline, I thoroughly enjoy watching period dramas (I have seen Pride & Prejudice too many times to count!) I seem to be drawn to fashionable trends my favorite characters and women of history were wearing “hundreds of years ago.” It’s such a treat to me that trends like “cottage core” and “prairie chic” are so popular as I have adored incorporating these elements into my wardrobe for years now. Here’s to hoping puff sleeves are here to stay! 
Favourite SZ style?
The Divya Dress might be one of my most worn items in my wardrobe this past summer. The block print is simply stunning and the silhouette is not only oh-so-flattering but freeing for a mom-on-the-go. I love that this style can take me from the playground to dinner out with husband too! 
What are you looking forward to for the fall months?
Summer in the South can be brutal. I am counting down the days until it is cool enough to spend the afternoons hanging out on our front porch again. We like to bring art supplies outside for the kids while we sway on the porch swing watching them paint and play. Our neighborhood comes alive when the weather is nice! 
Really, I’m oh-so-ready for cooler weather and everything that comes along with it. But I will also say, cable-knit sweaters, soft flannels & a mug of something pumpkin-spiced sounds pretty dreamy right about now too! 
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